• Daniel Zimmermann

    Roleplaying Dimensions and SSAS Multidimensional

    Yes, I can hear you, SSAS Multidimensional is so old and unsexy. Still, a lot of the data warehouse projects I work on still use this techonology. So what is a roleplaying dimension? It’s quite simply a dimension, that plays different roles in regard...
  • Daniel Zimmermann

    Hunting date errors

    Just recently, I had to find out, why a dataload, that had been working smoothlessly in the past, suddenly prodced an error. The data is coming from an ORACLE database, and imported into MS SQL Server with an OPENQUERY statement. The error message read...
  • Daniel Zimmermann

    SQL Server Graph Database and Performance

    When Microsoft announced, that their upcoming release would contain an implementation of Graph Database objects, I was intrigued. There are already a couple of good posts around, that explain how to use the feature, e.g. how to create a table structure...
  • Daniel Zimmermann

    Implementing bi-temporal historization

    In my last post, I explained about bi-temporal historization. Today, I’d like to shed some light into how we implemented this feature in MS SQL Server (the usual tool of my choice). For the implementation, there are a couple of criteria to consider: one...
  • Daniel Zimmermann

    Bi-temporal historization

    In one of my last projects, we faced the requirement of designing our Data Warehouse-Core with bi-temporal historization. “Bi-temp…. what”, you may now ask. Well, I’ll try to explain. In all Data Warehouse (DWH) projects...
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