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    WebApp Offline? Dojo Offline Toolkit!

    "I had been prototyping and playing with some ideas around bringing true offline access to Web applications in a simple, generic way" annouced Brad Neuberg in this eweek article . Sounds great. One big step further in Web-Development, if he...
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    Windows Live Search Box

    Search boxes powered by Windows Live are designed for website owners and bloggers who want to quickly add customized search capability to their site. The search box enables visitors to search your site, the Web, or any other locations you define by macros...
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    Task Scheduler Library for .NET

    For a project, we had to build a Web-UI to manage and run different scheduled tasks. Program the whole Scheduling-Management by ourself... hmmm, no way, there must be a solution.... why not just use the existing Windows Task Scheduler? The Windows Task...
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    Media File Converter

    Any video converter is a free media file converter. For example, you can convert video files to MPEG-4 movie format for the iPod. more
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    AJAX Security Concerns

    Recently, I read a well done article about security concerns, and recommendations for securing Web application development, especially AJAX applications. Since Ajax Web applications exist on both the client and the server, they include the following security...
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    The Joys of Test Driven Development

    No comment.... :-) more
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