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    Web 2.0 Panel on WEF

    Some weeks ago, I posted about the Web 2.0 Discussion Forum at the WEF . The whole discussion is available as Webcast or/and Potcast: The Impact of Web 2.0 and Emerging Social Network Models . Yihong Ding posted an excellent summary about the mentioned...
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    IE8 or IE.Next, Firefox 3 - a set of informations

    A good source with loads of articles and info's about wishes and possible features to Microsoft's next Internet Explorer . Even more information is available about FireFox 3.0 (codename Gran Paradiso ), the growing concurrence for Microsoft's...
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    "sys is undefined" in AJAX RTM on VISTA solved!

    In an older post, I talked about the 'sys is undefined' problem with ASP.NET AJAX RC1 . Last week I updated my samples to RTM Version and ... the problem is gone without doing anything! neither configuration or code changes inside the samples...
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    Zattoo WebTV - Quality TV live on your laptop

    Wow - Live TV for free (even without swiss-local Bilag fee)! Currently 40 Channels available. Zattoo was founded in US in 2005 by Sugih Jamin, professor for computer science at the University of Michigan, and Beat Knecht, a swiss software product marketing...
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    WPF/E - Vista Emulation

    Extreme, extreme - impressive emulation of Windows Vista by slovenians (and in slovenian language...) based on WPF/E technique. Loads of javascript to manipulate XAML (View Source) thru the DOM. Make sure to install the WPF...
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    Paint.NET 3.0

    Paint.NET is free image editing and photo manipulation software . It supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools . Paint.NET is written in C#, the Source Code is available. more
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    Windows Vista - beneficial features

    Some reasons to use Windows Vista (by Chris Sells). No all are obvious at first glance and easy to detect. That make this list invaluable. more
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    WEF: Leaders get a taste of Web 2.0

    At the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) in Davos (Switzerland) 2,400 leaders in business, politics and science do chat about the Future and Past in different areas. They use accurate mediums to publish informations - a blog . Every participant - including...
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    List of Microsoft software codenames

    Project 42, Rosetta, Starfighter, Thunder, Daytona, Metro, Omega, Istanbul, Kahona, Darwin, Monad, Aurora, Lone Start.... Guess the Products behind Microsoft codenames... more
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    WPF/E Future - Textbox and other Controls

    There are a lot of gadget-examples with WPF/E! Nice - but not more. Flash V. 1.0 :-) WPF/E does not even contain a Textbox control at the moment. It is in a really early stage. So don't be disappointed. According to this thread , Microsoft is working...
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    AJAX XML-Script Tutorial (Future CTP Feature)

    An excellent XML-Script Tutorial (Part 1 - 4) by Alessandro Gallo ( Garbin ) you will find on DotNetSlackers . XML-Script is a part of the Future CTP . This package does contain material additional to the AJAX Core Framework and could be included in further...
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    WebApp Offline? Dojo Offline Toolkit!

    "I had been prototyping and playing with some ideas around bringing true offline access to Web applications in a simple, generic way" annouced Brad Neuberg in this eweek article . Sounds great. One big step further in Web-Development, if he...
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    Windows Live Search Box

    Search boxes powered by Windows Live are designed for website owners and bloggers who want to quickly add customized search capability to their site. The search box enables visitors to search your site, the Web, or any other locations you define by macros...
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    Task Scheduler Library for .NET

    For a project, we had to build a Web-UI to manage and run different scheduled tasks. Program the whole Scheduling-Management by ourself... hmmm, no way, there must be a solution.... why not just use the existing Windows Task Scheduler? The Windows Task...
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    Media File Converter

    Any video converter is a free media file converter. For example, you can convert video files to MPEG-4 movie format for the iPod. more
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    AJAX Security Concerns

    Recently, I read a well done article about security concerns, and recommendations for securing Web application development, especially AJAX applications. Since Ajax Web applications exist on both the client and the server, they include the following security...
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    The Joys of Test Driven Development

    No comment.... :-) more
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