It took me a long time to figure out what I could write about in my first blog post.

Tataaa! I found a topic. Since I am eagerly learning WPF, I will present a list of some cool wpf demos that I found during learning and that helped me to understand how WPF works.


1. Kevin's WPF Bag-o-Tricks

Kevin Moore's really cool and famous collection of several WPF applications including source code. Great for WPF beginners.

Get it now at:


2. WPF 2D Physics

A very funny WPF 2D application by Chris Cavanagh that integrates the Newtown Dynamics Physics Engine. The app is very simple but really addictive. It gives you a physical environment with a couple of obstacles in it. The only thing you can do is drop stuff into the screen and watch gravity fool around. Nice! WPF 2D Physics


3. WPF ImageGarden3D

A cool Floating-in-Outer-Space-Style-3D Image Gallery by Lee Brimelow. Includes source code. Very nice! Can be run by ClickOnce. WPF ImageGarden3D


4. Scorched Earth

Another interesting blog by Kurt Griffiths can be found at WPF4Games. Just for the fun and learning experience he decided to find out if it is possible to write a full WPF game. First drafts look very interesting. See the Scorched Earths demo to get an idea. (I especially like the zooming in and out if you shoot out of the canvas).



After some very funny examples now something serious. The German retailer OTTO created a nice looking WPF online shop. Check it out at: OTTO WPF Shop


Leave a comment if you know about other cool WPF samples!