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every project can benefit from good unit testing. Why do so many developers (including me) have problems to accept that UT is a good thing and just do it?

 I believe it's just a matter of "getting started". I also don't like the dogmatic approaches that put pressure on me saying:  Always do this! Do it this way! This is the only way! Developers are "different", they need a strong inner motivation to change their way of coding. I think most developers cannot be convinced to do UT or even Test Driven Development style programming, they just see the extra work, and not the benefit for themselves. They only way to achieve that would be to learn from experienced people right on the project. After the first time they can tell the project manager: "the bug  is not in my code it's all green!"  they will start loving it.

i found this nice booklet, just nice to read. It tries to emphasize the Karma and the Zen of unit testing, not the Dogma. Wink


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  • Nice booklet (good motivation)

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