How To: claim your blog with Technorati

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How To: claim your blog with Technorati

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Technorati is an important service for all bloggers: it's not only a bookmarking and tagging community but also a blog search engine that provides information to other search engines like Google. In order to push your posts higher in the rankings it's good to have an account with Technorati and claim your blog. Why is that important?

Technorati provides a Pinging Service. Our blog-server calls a web service every time we post something on our blog. This web service  tells Technorati: "hey, here is something new, put it in your catalog!" Your post can be found on Technorati only some minutes later.  And: other services (Google!) take this information out of Technorati frequently.  There are other Ping Services too, check out this one: you can see in real time what blogs get updated..

This is the reason why blogging is such a fast medium: you can push your stuff into the search engines, you don't have to wait until a spider comes along, like with static content.

But: since there are more than 100 million blogs registered with Technorati, well... you have to provide some interesting stuff to get traffic right away.

Tagging is very important too: Technorati has it's own tags, it makes sense to use tags that already exist in order to get found. Technorati will add your new tags to it's catalog. But people will probably  search for common tags, so keep that in mind. Try this tag search. This tag was introduced to filter blog posts that are relevant for the Trivadis blog server. Sven did a good job :-)

So, take my advice: register with Technorati and claim your blog!

What does that mean?  Technorati wants you to proof that the blog you want to register is really owned by yourself. With our Community Server blogs it works like this:

  • Join Technorati
  • navigate to the "claim your blog" page
  • Enter your blog's URL
  • Technorati provides a little HTML snippet with a random generated key in it.
  • Open your blog in a second tab or window.
  • Put that key-link on your blog's header and save it. (click picture for bigger size)

put a link to technorati on your blog

  • Switch back to Technorati and click the button: Technorati sends out the "spiders" to scan your page.
  • If it finds the key: your blog is claimed!
  • You can delete the link now.

You have to do this in one go, since Technorati creates new keys every time you use this function. So just leave the page open in one window, while you setup the link in another window.

What's next ?

Did you subscribe to your blog's RSS feed already? The more subscribers the better. We utilize FeedBurner to gain more information about feed subscribers. And guess what: FeedBurner is a Google company... Google tracks the number of subscribers to evaluate the "importance" of a blog.

Subscribe to all blogs on the triBLOG Server! Use Google Reader for it...

I put an OPML file here. You can import that easily with any RSS reader, so you don't have to import them manually.

Bookmark your colleague's posts on Delicious or Mister Wong (a great german bookmarking service)!

Every link counts! :-)

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  • Hello Michael,

    how can I add a Technorati button on my blog (left bar preferred?

    Thanks, Markus

  • that's not that easy. either you add it to your post's body or you add a simple link with the list feature (menu->manage content->all lists-> add)

    We may change the templates in the near future to give you the ability to add individual HTML and script code to it. We are a bit reluctant to do this now, since there are still updates (Service Packs) coming that may  overwrite our customisations. If you are really willing to hack the thing  try to add a <div> to the header and set its position in the CSS override field... I pay you as many Oktoberfest-Maß of beer as you can drink if that works :-)

  • Inspired enough, thanks

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