Is your's messy too? After installing an uninstalling tons of tools, updates, libraries frameworks etc., mine was a big mess. I found an easy way, that helps you to get rid of unwanted stuff in the help system and also get back the good stuff you were looking for but couldn't find it anymore.

There is no option to manage the help files from the menu. Even in the Help on Help section, I couldn't find a hint !

Actually its very easy, but quite hard to find:

Open the Help Application (just hit F1 in VS). In the search box, enter "Visual Studio  Combined Help Collection Manager"

A page with that name should be found. It has some checkboxes, depending on the stuff you have installed. Check the entries you need, uncheck the ones you don't need and hit the "Update" button.

Next time you start the Help System it will take some time to merge the help libraries. After that, everything should be fine!


nice and clean...