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28 Feb 2021
fun, TVD

Midsummer Midsomer SQL Winner 

In June I launched the Midsummer Midsomer Murder SQL Challenge and Book Competition. I promised to announce a winner within a week of the deadline – that was yesterday, so I’m afraid I’m one day late, sorry about that but better late than never 😇….


And the winner is… 

10 days ago I started a raffle, where you could complete a SQL Workout and win a copy of Practical Oracle SQL. The deadline was end of April UTC, so today I found the winner… 9 raffle participants had completed the workout, so I had…


What Do You Get With 30 Day Trial of Audible? 

“Audible” literally means “able to be heard”. It offers you audiobooks to hear. Let me explain how does audible work. The Amazon Audible Company produces and sells spoken audio entertainment, books(audio) ranging in genres like education, romance, thriller, suspense, and podcasts. Approximately 200,000 audiobooks to…