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29 Jan 2022
ACED, Maximum Availability Architecture, Oracle, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Database, Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Database 18c, ...

Data Guard, Easy Connect and the Observer for multiple configurations 

EZConnect One of the challenges of automation in bin Oracle Environments is dealing with tnsnames.ora files. These files might grow big and are sometimes hard to distribute/maintain properly. The worst is when manual modifications are needed: manual operations, if not made carefully, can screw up…

ACED, Oracle Database, Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Database 18c, Oracle Database 19c, Trivadis Blog

How to get the Data Guard broker configuration from a SQL query? 

Everybody knows that you can get the Data Guard configuration in dgmgrl with the command: show configuration; but few know that this information is actually available in x$drc: SQL> desc x$drc Name Null? Type ————— ——– ————— ADDR RAW(8) INDX NUMBER INST_ID NUMBER CON_ID NUMBER…