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22 Sep 2020
Oracle, Oracle NET

TNS chaos 

I like to have my Oracle Net config consistent and without surprises. So for me it is a best practice to have ONE central TNS_ADMIN directory on the database server, which is set in all my shells. But a lot of processes might ignore that…

ACED, Maximum Availability Architecture, Oracle, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Database, Oracle Database 19c, ...

Script to check Data Guard status from SQL 

In a previous blog post I have explained how to get the basic configuration from x$drc and display something like: OBJECT_ID DATABASE INTENDED_STATE CONNECT_STRING ENABLED ROLE RECEIVE_FROM SHIP_TO FSFOVALIDITY STATUS ——— ————– —————– —————————- ——- ——– ———— ————– ———— ——- 16842752 toolcdb1_site1 READ-WRITE-XPTON newbox01:1521/TOOLCDB1_SITE1 YES…