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25 Okt 2021
Foreign Data Wrapper, Oracle, oracle_fdw, PostgreSQL, Secure External Password Store, Security

PostgreSQL’s foreign data wrapper to Oracle: hide passwords using secure external password store 

Hi there, customer is worried about the credentials that are stored in PostgreSQL dbwhen using foreign data wrappers. In that case to Oracle, using oracle_fdw.It is possible to query a stored password from data dictionary. Only privileged users can do it, but still kind of…

dbms_scheduler, external jobs, Multitenant, Oracle, PDB isolation, Security, Troubleshooting...

PDB_OS_CREDENTIAL and external jobs 

After introduction of Multitenant option, Oracle provided additional ways to ensure proper isolation between pluggable databases. PDB_OS_CREDENTIAL initialization parameter is part of them. It allows to use specified operating system user while interacting with operating system from a PDB. According to documentation, it is taken…