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03 Jun 2023

Half a Thousand Quizzes 

Passed a minor milestone 😁 Sign in to Go to Quizzes Go to Explore All Quizzes Scroll down to Author filters Put a checkmark at Kim Berg Hansen Result: (In fact, as you read this, the number will already have increased – it grows steadily…

fun, SQL, TVD

SQL Tuning Golf, anyone? 

Golf is one of the very few sports where the goal is the lowest possible score. Code golf is about solving a given algorithm using the fewest possible characters. It can be very fun indeed to play code golf, also in SQL. But for real…

fun, TVD

Midsummer Midsomer SQL Winner 

In June I launched the Midsummer Midsomer Murder SQL Challenge and Book Competition. I promised to announce a winner within a week of the deadline – that was yesterday, so I’m afraid I’m one day late, sorry about that but better late than never 😇….


And the winner is… 

10 days ago I started a raffle, where you could complete a SQL Workout and win a copy of Practical Oracle SQL. The deadline was end of April UTC, so today I found the winner… 9 raffle participants had completed the workout, so I had…