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The Adoption of a cloud platform in an organization requires identifying and mastering the strategic, organizational and technical challenges.

The Adoption of Azure Cloud Plattform can be divided into two steps. The first one is to build up the Azure Foundation and the second one is to build up new Solutions with Azure Services.

The Azure Foundation consists of three pillars that support the entire Azure Cloud platform of customers, including Azure Governance, Azure Core Infrastructure and Azure Operations.

The first pillar „Azure Governance“ includes resource Organization, resource Security, auditing and cost Controls.

The second pillar „Azure Core Infrastruktur“ includes identity & access management, connectivity, Azure network, Security Management and System Management.

The third pillar „Azure Operations“ includes Cloud Service Management and infrastructure Automation.

These three pillars build the Foundation for customers Azure Environment and are ready to carry the new Azure Solutions

As an Azure Solution, a modern environment can be designed and implemented according to business or IT requirements in Azure or Hybrid with OnPremises. e.g. the extension of the OnPrem Datacenter in Azure, compute workloads with VM’s or system/service/application deployment using IaaS as well as PaaS components. The Azure Solutions are offered as Managed Services according to business requests or partly also by the internal IT organization for the business.