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Passed a minor milestone 😁

  • Sign in to
  • Go to Quizzes
  • Go to Explore All Quizzes
  • Scroll down to Author filters
  • Put a checkmark at Kim Berg Hansen
  • Result:

(In fact, as you read this, the number will already have increased – it grows steadily 😉.)

In case you don’t spot the discretely marked-in-yellow parts of the image, that’s 500 quizzes I’ve produced since I started to write quizzes for “The PL/SQL Challenge”, which was the original name of the Oracle Dev Gym. Half a Thousand Quizzes….!

Writing Dev Gym quizzes has been an awesome and fun way for me to teach SQL (and some PL/SQL as well). I’ve written quizzes both at beginner level and at the very-advanced level for championships and everything in between, so everybody can learn from these.

Thanks to Steven Feuerstein for the initial idea – this is a great learning platform. And even quiz authors learn – it’s quite often I learn new quirks and/or features while writing a quiz, both simply by browsing the docs for a new topic to write about, as well as (in fact more often) stumbling over something unknown to me while I try and create incorrect choices (it is often harder to write convincing incorrect choices than it is to write correct choices.)

  • You want to improve your SQL or PL/SQL knowledge?
  • Go to
  • You can do workouts, play weekly tournament, or just do random quizzes.
  • Your starting point doesn’t matter – it’s very likely you’ll stumble on new knowledge for you.
  • It’s fun and you can spend as little or as much time as you want.
The more people that get to love really using SQL to the fullest, the happier I am 😀.
The happier I am, the higher the chance of me continuing to write quizzes 😇.
Link to all my quizzes: