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This is the 200th edition of my blog series blog series around Stream Data Integration and Stream Analytics!

HURRAY!!! - Happy Minion | Make a Meme
Hurray, today is the 200th edition of my blog series

When I started my series years ago I was not sure how long I will manage to put a blog post out every week. But of course the topic is more relevant than ever and at some point I had to realize that it is impossible to cover all around it! Why am I doing it, you might ask? Mostly for myself. Putting an article together every week helps me to stay up-to-date on the various topics and by publishing I hope it helps you as well. At least so far I only got positive feedback 🙂

As usual, find below the new blog articles, presentations, videos and software releases from last week. Happy reading and stay safe!

In the theme of Kafka Summit 2020, which starts today, this week’s edition is very Kafka centric!

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New Presentations

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New Releases

Please let me know if that is of interest. Please tweet your projects, blog posts, and presentations & videos to @gschmutz to get them listed in next week’s edition!