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you are already using Azure IaaS VM’s and also using Azure Tools like Azure Monitor, Update Management, Change Tracking, and Inventory to manage these VM’s. Now there are new requirements to manage additional VM’s from on-premises and other cloud platforms with the same system management configuration as for Azure VM’s. Are looking for any Tools or Services in Azure to simplify your IaaS VM system management for Multi-Cloud?

Yes, with Azure Arc, VM’s outside Azure can be integrated into Azure Resource Management and can be managed with the same tool and configuration as for Azure VM’s.

Goals with Azure Arc:

  • centralized IaaS System Management for
    • Azure VM’s
    • non-Azure VM’s from
      • OnPremises
      • other Cloud platforms
  • compatible Azure Tools 
    • Azure Monitor
    • Azure Update Management
    • Azure Change Tracking
    • Azure Inventory
    • Azure Policies


Configuration Steps:

  • Create Azure Arc Resource Group within your Azure Subscription
  • Generate script

  • Register your Subscription for Preview

  • Download the non-Azure VM Onboarding PowerShell Script from Azure Portal
# Download the package
function download() {$ProgressPreference="SilentlyContinue"; Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile AzureConnectedMachineAgent.msi}

# Install the package
msiexec /i AzureConnectedMachineAgent.msi /l*v installationlog.txt /qn | Out-String

# Run connect command
& "$env:ProgramFilesAzureConnectedMachineAgentazcmagent.exe" connect --resource-group "your-resourceGroup" --tenant-id "your-tenant-ID" --location "your-location" --subscription-id "your-subscription-id"
  • run the Onboarding PowerShell Script on a non-Azure VM
  • verify the connection

  • deploy Extensions to integrate those VM to Azure Tools
    • Monitoring Agent
      • Log Analytics Workplace ID
      • Log Analytics Workplace Key, you can find this key under the advanced settings of your Workspace
    • Custom Powershell Script Extension (Optional)
    • PowerShell DSC Extension (Optional)


  • Configure IaaS System Management, wait for 15min until the non-Azure VM is available as a connected VM for Azure Tools
    • Add to Update Management
    • Add to Inventory
    • Add to Change Tracking
    • Add to Monitoring
  • Assign your Azure Policies for this VM or on Resource Group Level to cover all the connected non-Azure VM’s