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13 Aug 2020
fun, TVD

Midsummer Midsomer SQL Winner 

This post was originally published on this siteIn June I launched the Midsummer Midsomer Murder SQL Challenge and Book Competition. I promised to announce a winner within a week of the deadline – that was yesterday, so I’m afraid I’m one day late, sorry about…

ACED, Oracle Database, Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Database 18c, Oracle Database 19c, Trivadis Blog

How to get the Data Guard broker configuration from a SQL query? 

This post was originally published on this siteEverybody knows that you can get the Data Guard configuration in dgmgrl with the command: show configuration; but few know that this information is actually available in x$drc: SQL> desc x$drc Name Null? Type ————— ——– ————— ADDR…