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Hi there, customer is worried about the credentials that are stored in PostgreSQL db
when using foreign data wrappers. In that case to Oracle, using oracle_fdw.
It is possible to query a stored password from data dictionary. Only privileged users can do it, but still kind of a concern.


postgres=# SELECT srvname, umoptions FROM pg_catalog.pg_user_mappings;
 srvname |          umoptions
 nireus  | {user=SCOTT,password=tiger}
(1 row)

We can hide the password, by using secure external password store. See this. Here are the necessary steps to integrate it into the usage together with PostgreSQL and oracle_fdw:

  1. Create the secure external password store for the oracle client in a wallet. And add the secret credential. Note that this example uses EZconnect. mkstore command is in a regular Oracle client. If you want to use instantclient at postgres server this would basically work but then you should create the wallet elsewhere where you have a client, e.g. on an Oracle server and copy it over.
mkstore -wrl /path/to/wallet -create 
mkstore -wrl /path/to/wallet -createCredential '//zam36:1521/NIREUS_RW' scott 

The wallet gets a password, you need it whenever you adapt it or want to see secret contents.

2. create/adapt a clients sqlnet.ora and add

   (SOURCE =
     (METHOD = FILE)
       (DIRECTORY = /path/to/wallet)

make sure to have TNS_ADMIN set to the directory with this sqlnet.ora and potentially a tnsnames.ora in the environment of postgres server process.

3. We create fdw extension in postgres as documented in postgres.


4. test whether it can be loaded

SELECT oracle_diag();

This posts some important infos about the oracle_fdw. in my case (sorry for the old postgres release):

oracle_fdw 2.1.0, PostgreSQL 10.15 (Ubuntu 10.15-0ubuntu0.18.04.1), Oracle client, ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/product/instantclient_19_3, TNS_ADMIN=/var/lib/postgresql/zam41_wallet

5. create foreign server, make sure you use the same string as stored in the wallet aka. secure external password store

CREATE SERVER nireus FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER oracle_fdw OPTIONS (dbserver '//zam36:1521/NIREUS_RW' );
-- in case you want to remove it
-- DROP SERVER nireus;

You can check it with psql’s “des” or in the view pg_catalog.pg_foreign_server.

6. Now the important part where we do not provide the password. We just use 2 empty strings.

CREATE USER MAPPING FOR postgres SERVER nireus OPTIONS (user '', password '');
-- DROP USER MAPPING FOR postgres SERVER nireus;

7. Check the connection

 ( oracle_user  VARCHAR(256),
   os_user      VARCHAR(256),
   module       VARCHAR(256),
   server_host  VARCHAR(256)
SERVER nireus OPTIONS (table '(
  sys_context(''userenv'',''current_user'') oracle_user,
  sys_context(''userenv'',''os_user'') os_user,
  sys_context(''userenv'',''module'') module,
  sys_context(''userenv'',''server_host'') server_host
FROM dual)');
-- DROP FOREIGN TABLE oracle_query;

postgres=# SELECT * FROM oracle_query;
 oracle_user | os_user  |  module  | server_host
 SCOTT       | postgres | postgres | zam36
(1 row)

Thus you can use secure external password store to hide Oracle password when using oracle_fdw.
Have fun